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Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill VIP Deal Distribution Point Image

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

There are over 40 species of mesquite located across the world. Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill specializes in one known as Velvet Mesquite or Prosopsis Velutina. Since 1982, the ""Sawmill"" has been providing craftsmen, artisans, woodworkers, cabinet makers, custom home builders, all across the United States with our Velvet Mesquite. Our responsible harvesting program has stood the test of time and many of our clients and customers have confidence knowing that each tree harvested was a tree destined to come down - NO CLEAR CUTTING or harvesting of trees to simply profit! Our recent partnership with the Bureau of Land Management allowed us to participate in a program that helped to restore living conditions for the pronghorn antelope and rare migratory and grassland birds in a National Conservation Area in Arizona. The project also helped to stabilize watershed levels by capturing more rainwater, which eliminates soil erosion while maintaining the natural beauty!

Over the years, Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill has become a destination in Southern Arizona. Because of the uniqueness of mesquite, many visitors are able to enjoy learning about our harvesting program and seeing the transformation from log to stunning heirloom pieces. Visitors may also see milling demonstrations and see our works and workers in process as they unveil the beauty beneath the bark.

Our largest draw is allowing the customer to participate in the lumber selection for their special project. It is an exciting part of building a unique custom interior. Customers are able to see the before piece specially selected, then see the transformation!

We are located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Valley, just 45 minutes from Tucson.

Monday-Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Tubac, Tumacacori (Baja AZ - Greater Region)